Licensed AIA architect in Massachusetts

Dana Bixby Architecture

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West Stockbridge, MA 01266
Dana Bixby AIA

The visions of our clients become our vision. The greatest pleasure we have is to listen to our clients and find, through that process, the unique expression of ideas that become the client’s design for the house that they will be at home in.

When someone asks what style of work we do we tell them that we do not have just one style. We have experience working in many styles. We are not rigid in our thinking and overloaded with preconceptions. We seek clients who challenge us in our thinking and lead us to new ways of doing architecture.

Success in our work starts from when clients tell us that they see that we have brought their visions into existence. Yet success is never just that as architecture always adds more. Our greatest joy is seeing the client’s surprise and delight in their experience of the spaces we design for them.
Our architecture aims to be an embodiment of the strategic plan that clients have for themselves and their family.